Amazing Journey of ED Medications
Since last decade ED came into popularity actually we can consider the time when there was technology exploitation started and people started believing in working like a machine for success. It led to big stress and never ending competition that spoiled all the essence of life. Since that time majorly relationships face very bad time than any other thing. This all mess gave rise to the issue known as ED (Erectile Dysfunction) where all this stress and physical weakness affected erection ability of a man.

As we know about a human property that we are a damn expert in finding a solution to every problem that occurs instead of preventing that problem from occurring. ED medications were invented to help men for getting a stronger erection and they can enjoy their intercourse like it was before ED. There are many inventions, types of research & updates ED medication industry gave us.

It Started With First Ever Medicine

When PDE5 inhibitor Sildenafil Citrate was utilized for the treatment of ED which was previously used for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension first ever medication for ED treatment is launched which was marketed by name Viagra. As this was a brand product it was bit experience so many companies from other countries started producing their own Viagra which is commonly known as generic Viagra.

Along with Sildenafil Citrate, there are many other PDE5 inhibitor compounds used for giving more erection and they also became popular.

Later on, people focused on giving more comfort to the men having a problem with consuming hard tablet which invented a softer version of Viagra. Now many people are enjoying Viagra oral jelly as it is a jelly form ED medicine along with some different flavors that one like to have.

There are many other benefits of consuming a jelly version of generic Viagra are there. Being a jelly version it cut the problem of consuming hard tablet while it helped people get quick results. Jelly always dissolved faster in blood stream giving men are the quickest turnaround. Man hungry for erection couldn’t prefer waiting, Viagra jelly help in this case. Like a hard regular tablet, this medicine gave side effect results which are more important than any other comfort.
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